To: Me

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Dear Me,

Your karma stinks because u hurt the one u love

To: Stephanie

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Dear Stephanie,

Your karma stinks because of a list too long to even attempt to explain

To: Drunkass

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Dear Drunkass,

You are wrong with everything you do or will ever do from now on

To: David

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Dear David,

Your karma stinks because you are a penis head and I don’t like the way you drive.

To: Liar

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Dear Liar,

Your karma stinks because you are a drunk, a liar, a cheat, karma found you. You can’t do wrong and get by. You heartless, good for nothing piece of shit. Stop hurting women. You had the best and the rest is a bunch of freaky midgets.

To: Cody G

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Dear Cody G,

Your karma doesn’t stink because you are so good at throwing down. Your cocktail is like a ufc fighter and when it beats that pussy up it wins the championship.

To: Nina

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Dear Nina,

Your karma stinks because ur a fucking bitch u stupid slut u think ur so cool but ur actually not ur so pathetic and low it’s funny. Hope you get surgery for the big ass donkey nose of yours u ugly horse

To: Mike

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Dear Mike,

Your karma stinks. You should not of raped those south African children.