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Latest Congress Karmail 

Rep. Greg WaldenR-OR-2

karmadminKarmic Event: 12892 / Ophir, OR Leave a Comment

Dear Congressman Walden,Your karma stinks because you are spewing this ‘take back the land from the Feds’, get real, you want to sell it out to big money, cut the timber, open up mining and drilling in our greatest resources for short term gains and jobs bull shit. Those Bundy clowns should have been arrested or shot in the first week, bunch of criminals with guns and government handouts at my expense. You Stink!

Rep. Adam KinzingerR-IL-16

karmadminKarmic Event: 12890 / Kankakee, IL Leave a Comment

Dear Congressman Kinzinger,Your karma stinks because where’s my SS raise the last 2 years? I bet you got your raise and you are taking away from are Vets and giving to people who never earned a dime..You are a SOB.

Sen. Ted CruzR-TX

karmadminKarmic Event: 12877 / Fontana, CA Leave a Comment

Dear Senator Cruz,Your karma stinks because you shut down the government and cost the economy 24 billion dollars. How do you expect me to vote for someone who serves a special interest like the Koch brothers.

Sen. Jeff FlakeR-AZ

karmadminKarmic Event: 12876 / San Diego, CA Leave a Comment

Dear Senator Flake,Your karma stinks because you were an embarrassment in the state legislature, at the national level your far right wing fantasies are more than alarming. Do you really want to overthrow the US government and introduce John Birch sharia law?

Rep. Paul GosarR-AZ-4

karmadminKarmic Event: 12875 / San Diego, CA Leave a Comment

Dear Congressman Gosar,Your karma stinks because you align yourself with the Tea Party. Yes, AZ is blood red for politics, but the Tea Party is wacko right wing. It would be nice if we were not the punch line of a bunch of jokes about how stupid AZ is!