To: Ben

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Dear Ben,Your karma stinks because you have left your family and ruined their lives.

To: Annette

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Dear Annette,I think you are my moms nurse and you were real nice to her. I would like to return the karma and take you to dinner and entertain you for a night or weekend. I hope you are single since you don’t have a ring on. I will mail again soon.

To: Aaron

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Dear Aaron,Your karma doesn’t stink because you are a remarkable human being. I am so jealous of your girlfriend.


To: Michael R

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Dear Michael R,Your karma doesn’t stink because you are transforming into a spiritual person!


To: Deana R

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Dear Deana R,Your karma doesn’t stink because you have been done wrong so long karma is in your corner.


To: Ebony

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Dear Ebony,Your karma doesn’t stink because u are a kind loving individual who is destined to have another child, get that house, get married in an awesome wedding, to make it big in the penny stock. Lastly to be loved deeply till the day this physical journey ends and on into the next.

To: Erica

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Dear Erica,Your karma doesn’t stink because you are a fantastic and over caring person. You’re the first to lend a shoulder to cry on and the last to judge.

To: Craig

karmadminKarmic Event: 12357 / Spokane, WA    1 Comment

Dear Craig,Your karma doesn’t stink because we are a amazing team, the sex, laughs, smiles, and sleeping cuddles. Everything is amazing!!!! THANK YOU.

To: Ande

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Dear Ande,Your karma doesn’t stink because you’re an amazing and sexy bomb of a wife!


To: Nick

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Dear Nick,Your karma doesn’t stink because you have 3 bitches that loves you very much….


To: Kerry

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Dear Kerry,Your karma doesn’t stink because you try to create good karma.


To: Birthday Persons

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Dear Birthday Persons,2015 Birthday Greetings Protocol

A mass “Happy Birthday” on Facebook is a generic gesture and in many cases it is one of many generic greetings. This form of birthday greeting does not require a direct acknowledgement. An unnecessary but nice response is to simply “Like” the greeting. Again not required.

A direct text message or messenger greeting is more personal. This greeting is reserved for close friends who do not need the Facebook world to see you said, happy birthday, but more importantly the person themselves. The proper response to a direct happy birthday is a reply of, Thank you. Failure to do so is an insult. It is like saying, I do not care that you care enough to send me a personal greeting.

To those of you who do not adhere to these common social protocols, may your birthdays suck!

To: Chris

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Dear Chris,Your karma doesn’t stink because you’re following your dreams! ☺


To: Dale L

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Dear Dale L,Your karma stinks because you are a major player and don’t care who you hurt.


To: Cheryl T

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Dear Cheryl T,Your karma doesn’t stink because you raised good kids, that became great people who love and respect you very much💖

To: Co-Parent

karmadminKarmic Event: 11833 / Odessa, TX 2 Comments

Dear Co-Parent,Your karma stinks because you’re a cheat that walked out on your family and then lied. You don’t deserve your wife and child’s love. You have hurt them beyond belief. Your vows obviously didn’t mean anything to you. You walked away from the most important people.

To: Juven

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Dear Juven,Your karma doesn’t stink because you’re an awesome, loving, and hot human being.


To: Deanna

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Dear Deanna,Your karma doesn’t stink because you try to treat people the way they treat you and better. Namast’e you and yours.