To: Heather

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Dear Heather,Your karma doesn’t stink because ive been messin with chad for a year cuz he told me you were just friends,im so sorry but he lied to me and he is lying to you,he is truly a piece of shit!

To: David W

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Dear David W,Your karma stinks because you’re a lying, manipulating, catfish. Praying on broken women like me.

To: Stephen

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Dear Stephen,Your karma stinks because you cheated on your girlfriend and she doesn’t know it. And you will never tell her because you know that she will leave you. Karma is a mother though and you will get yours!

To: Ernie

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Dear Ernie,Your karma stinks because you accuse your wife of being unfaithful! She never has and never will cheat because she loves you. So get over yourself.

To: Tamie

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Dear Tamie,Your karma stinks because I see the way you carry on! I wonder what management would think of the shit that goes on between you 2! I use to think extremely high of you but what a slut! I am tired of it so I guess a talk to the right people is needed! Maybe you and Robert can carry on in the unemployment line together! I am watching both of you it has gone on to long! Nice house by the way! I really like New Lenox.

To: Robert

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Dear Robert,Your karma stinks because it is getting a little old watching you fuck around with your little lady friend! Does the bosses know? They will soon! Hehehe. Nice house you have I see your boy is driving now!

To: Barbara

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Dear Barbara,Your karma stinks because u are a home wrecker lier and chest! U pretend to be so religious but mock the Bible with your actions! U will get yours.

To: Co-Parent

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Dear Co-Parent,Your karma stinks because you’re a cheat that walked out on your family and then lied. You don’t deserve your wife and child’s love. You have hurt them beyond belief. Your vows obviously didn’t mean anything to you. You walked away from the most important people.

To: Rhea

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Dear Rhea,Your karma stinks because you sneak around when your husband isn’t around and talk smack about him.


To: Preview

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Dear Preview,Your karma stinks because you say one thing then do another. You say you love me and want to marry me and be with me forever but keep hurting me by still holding on to dumb whores! And your karma stinks because you hurt my feelings and you still think I’m gonna keep letting you do it to me while you’re playing your dumb game! I hope it’s all worth it to you when you realize that I am gone and you wake up without me and your karma is the whores you get left playing with! Because I woke up and chose to love myself enough to see that if I stop lying to myself long enough to see that my hurting inside is only the truth telling me that.

To: Jose

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Dear Jose,You should stop being so mean and stop talking to other women when u have a girlfriend. Cause what will u do if she leaves u for someone better?

To: Paul

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Dear Paul,Your karma stinks because you cheated on your fiancée, the mother of your child, and left her for a dope addict and you are throwing your life away by doing drugs and quitting your job to be with a woman who is using you for drug money.

To: William aka Billy

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Dear William aka Billy,Your karma stinks because you don’t know what being faithful is, or what respect is. You think you can toy around with whomever to have back up. I know how you are with other women, how you lead them on, all the while not telling us about your girlfriend and not telling her about us… I hope u get busted.

To: Julie

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Dear Julie,Your karma stinks because u just keep hanging on. Kevin doesn’t love u, he has told me so many times, he only married u because we were fighting and to shut u up, Kevin don’t care. he don’t buy u gifts, he told me he has to think about me just to have sex with u, Kevin and me went to see AC/DC in Tacoma, he helped me buy a car, we used to spend weekends in Memphis and go to Tunica. He doesn’t even want to go to a bar with u, u embarress him, he stayed with me more than he did u and he helped furnish my house and pay bills, he also bought my kids nice gifts. He bought me diamond earrings, and we used to party a lot and he would take me to bars because I am younger, we rented motel rooms and I met him at Lambert’s for dinner, we went to Nashville and partied there, we went on a cruise, vactioned and had secret cell phones, but instead of leaving when u found out, u stayed with him.

Don’t worry he cheated on me too, but I aint stupid. I went out until he couldn’t stand it and came back. I hope u read this because u need to wake the hell up and realize Kevin is going to cheat and get what he wants, and I am just like him., we make a great pair, he ain’t done nuthin for u compared to what he has done for me and trying to keep me. but if I call he will come running. Just wanted you to know your ring don’t mean nuthin and give u a heads up so u can be ready. Kevin has been cheating with me for at least 6 years and it isn’t slowing down, sorry but it is what it is lmfao if u only knew he has another phone and email addresses lol but I ain’t telling.

To: Jeff

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Dear ,Your karma stinks because you have a recent OkCupid profile and you’re married. Not OK.