To: Taylor

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Dear Taylor,Your karma stinks because you’re the biggest bitch in the world. You made my high school years a living hell. You broke me. Turned anyone who liked me, against me. You and your stupid little friends would send me threatening texts and phone calls. Fuck you bitch.

To: Mary Mann

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Dear Mary Mann,Your karma doesn’t stink because even though you skipped school, you’re still a really thoughtful, logical, respectful, and hip individual – so go ahead and get your house today. No bad juju for you.

To: Thanksgiving Host

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Dear Thanksgiving Host,

Your karma stinks because every year we do this dance. I ask what can I bring. I am grateful that you are kind enough to host.  But can you please just tell me what I can do!!!  When you respond, just bring yourself, we know that is the start of the turkey dance. I say I want to help, you reply thank you but we are good.  The endless loop of please and no just bring yourself is unnecessary.

First we know if I show up without anything I will be the post holiday topic of Mr Freeloader.  Second it’s better to just generalize app or desert and let me do the rest.  In the end I will over compensate by bringing both plus enough wine beer and whiskey to have the whole family buzzed for Black Friday. To end the topic, we could all avoid the turkey dance if you’d just tell me what I could bring.

Many thanks,

The Karmic Avenger

To: Retailers of America

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Dear Retailers of America,,Your karma stinks because you are open for business Thanksgiving Day. It’s a day for family, not shopping.


To: Neighbor

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Dear Neighbor,Your karma stinks because you send your kids out for candy on Halloween and keep your lights off so no one comes to your house.