To: Taylor

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Dear Taylor,Your karma stinks because you’re the biggest bitch in the world. You made my high school years a living hell. You broke me. Turned anyone who liked me, against me. You and your stupid little friends would send me threatening texts and phone calls. Fuck you bitch.

To: Mary Mann

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Dear Mary Mann,Your karma doesn’t stink because even though you skipped school, you’re still a really thoughtful, logical, respectful, and hip individual – so go ahead and get your house today. No bad juju for you.

To: Retailers of America

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Dear Retailers of America,,Your karma stinks because you are open for business Thanksgiving Day. It’s a day for family, not shopping.


To: Hipster buying coffee in West LA

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Dear Hipster buying coffee in West LA,Your karma stinks because you think you are so hilarious when you give the baristas your ridiculous fake coffee shop names and they get flustered. You were Jebediah Oberon 2 days ago (OK, I admit it was memorable) and today you were Bartholomew Jedi. If you are trying to flirt bro, it’s not working. All you do is slow the line down and look like an ass. Might be better just to go by Dick.