To: Karma Dude

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Dear Karma Dude,

Your karma stinks because The Karmic Avenger has numerous posts each with greater than 50+ votes yet I am not in the Karmail Hall of Fame. Shame on you. Die you karmic infidel, diiiieeeeeee.

The Karmic Avenger

To: Lady who doesn’t pick up after her dog

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Dear Lady who doesn't pick up after her dog,Your karma stinks because you are a nasty ass ho… I will be the first to admit that I hate picking up my dogs big nasty sh!ts. There is nothing worse than the feeling of the gross hot poop through a plastic bag and even worse is having to carry the bag around until you find a trash can, but I do, and so do all the other dog owners.

If I can bend over and pick up my dog’s dumps, so can you. Don’t think we don’t see you do that pretend to bend down and pick it up move, we know you don’t have a bag… or the look away move where you act like you did not see him poop!  You’re not fooling anybody!

Might I say, put your dog’s poop in a bag you nasty old hag…

Beware, the neighborhood poop watch has their eye on you.

To: Bass

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Dear Bass,

Your karma stinks because as much as you want to believe it, its not all about the bass. You can’t declare “no treble” that is not an option. You need bass and treble. Granted I will concede that you can minimize the treble, but no treble is not something that can even be on the table. What are we talking about here? A sick mix of death metal and dub step! I’m not suggesting smooth jazz, but we live in a world of bass and treble. So let’s drop the silly premise of a world with only bass.

Many thanks,

The Karmic Avenger