To: Scar

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Dear Scar,Your karma stinks because you killed your brother Mufasa and let poor Simba think he did it. You are a shitty brother and uncle.

To: Julie

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Dear Julie,Your karma stinks because u just keep hanging on. Kevin doesn’t love u, he has told me so many times, he only married u because we were fighting and to shut u up, Kevin don’t care. he don’t buy u gifts, he told me he has to think about me just to have sex with u, Kevin and me went to see AC/DC in Tacoma, he helped me buy a car, we used to spend weekends in Memphis and go to Tunica. He doesn’t even want to go to a bar with u, u embarress him, he stayed with me more than he did u and he helped furnish my house and pay bills, he also bought my kids nice gifts. He bought me diamond earrings, and we used to party a lot and he would take me to bars because I am younger, we rented motel rooms and I met him at Lambert’s for dinner, we went to Nashville and partied there, we went on a cruise, vactioned and had secret cell phones, but instead of leaving when u found out, u stayed with him.

Don’t worry he cheated on me too, but I aint stupid. I went out until he couldn’t stand it and came back. I hope u read this because u need to wake the hell up and realize Kevin is going to cheat and get what he wants, and I am just like him., we make a great pair, he ain’t done nuthin for u compared to what he has done for me and trying to keep me. but if I call he will come running. Just wanted you to know your ring don’t mean nuthin and give u a heads up so u can be ready. Kevin has been cheating with me for at least 6 years and it isn’t slowing down, sorry but it is what it is lmfao if u only knew he has another phone and email addresses lol but I ain’t telling.

To: Karma

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Dear Karma,My karma stinks because I cheated during the final round of Pictionary while playing against 2 deaf players. I didn’t know how to draw a difficult word. I “dropped” my pencil and when I bent down to pick it up, I whispered ‘imagination’, the word my team mate had to guess. We won but I felt bad.

To: Karma

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Dear Karma,I lied. I hid the orange box and couldn’t stop myself. I claimed that the Uncle Ben’s Wild Rice I made for my date was a top secret old family recipe. I have been trying to impress this girl for months and it wasn’t until she ate 4 servings and kept smelling the rice to identify the special spices that I knew I might have a chance. She said it was the best rice she’s ever eaten in her whole life and she could eat it every day. I need to mention that she is from an Asian country and is very particular about rice. I know honesty is the foundation for solid relationships but in this case, a little white lie isn’t hurting anyone.