To: Archie T.

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Dear Archie T.,Your karma stinks because you’re a liar and a cheat. You jump from one bed to another.

To: Ian S.

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Dear Ian S.,Your karma stinks because you’ve hurt me too much emotionally. You’ve used me and lied to me with all these broken promises. I’m over making the effort for you and trying everyday for you to see the potential between us in order to have meaningful relationship together. You chose drugs over me and I’m finally deciding to give up on you. If you wake up one day and finally see the effort that I’ve been making for you or that you need me in your life then it will be too late. I would move on to becoming a better person with hope, dreams, and aspirations. I would conquer all my fears and become stronger as an individual. If you come crawling back then I hope you see that you fucked up and go through the same emotional turmoil you put me through but worse.

To: Latesha

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Dear Latesha,Your karma stinks because you think its OK to bully someone who spent their whole lives being bullied by the people who were supposed to love them. I was beaten and berated by my parents for years, that’s why I don’t fight, because I know how it feels to be hurt like that and I have compassion for other human beings. Unlike you who beats people up for fun and brags when you get away with it. But you know what? I forgive you. I forgive you Latesha for how you treated me that day.

To: Sam

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Dear Sam,Your karma stinks because you’re an effing douchebag. I really want to punch you in your spoiled, pretty boy face. You have no idea how to run a business properly. My hotel is not your playground or personal piggy bank. Learn to manage or gtfo.

To: Mary Jo

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Dear Mary Jo,Your karma stinks because you’re a cheapskate and literally the most neurotic person I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.

To: Dick Head

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Dear Dick Head,Your karma stinks because you think of only yourself and your internet whores. Try thinking about your children for once.

To: Wesley

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Dear Wesley,Your karma stinks because you have to cover for fake ass bitches at work.


To: Tamie

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Dear Tamie,Your karma stinks because I see the way you carry on! I wonder what management would think of the shit that goes on between you 2! I use to think extremely high of you but what a slut! I am tired of it so I guess a talk to the right people is needed! Maybe you and Robert can carry on in the unemployment line together! I am watching both of you it has gone on to long! Nice house by the way! I really like New Lenox.

To: Robert

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Dear Robert,Your karma stinks because it is getting a little old watching you fuck around with your little lady friend! Does the bosses know? They will soon! Hehehe. Nice house you have I see your boy is driving now!

To: Christy

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Dear Christy,Your karma stinks because you are a selfish, worthless bitch who needs to go to prison and be somebody’s bitch.


To: Lady who doesn’t pick up after her dog

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Dear Lady who doesn't pick up after her dog,Your karma stinks because you are a nasty ass ho… I will be the first to admit that I hate picking up my dogs big nasty sh!ts. There is nothing worse than the feeling of the gross hot poop through a plastic bag and even worse is having to carry the bag around until you find a trash can, but I do, and so do all the other dog owners.

If I can bend over and pick up my dog’s dumps, so can you. Don’t think we don’t see you do that pretend to bend down and pick it up move, we know you don’t have a bag… or the look away move where you act like you did not see him poop!  You’re not fooling anybody!

Might I say, put your dog’s poop in a bag you nasty old hag…

Beware, the neighborhood poop watch has their eye on you.

To: Robert

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Dear Robert,Your karma stinks because of what you are doing to your family! I am watching you and it will get out!


To: Goody

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Dear Goody,Your karma stinks because you are dishonest and can’t be trusted.


To: Jon Stewart

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Dear Jon Stewart,Your karma stinks because despite being blessed with super human comic abilities, you have chosen to stop entertaining us and squander your powers on rescue animals in New Jersey.

To: Catarra

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Dear Catarra,Your karma stinks because your acting like a slut, your pictures are trashy and you think every guy wants you but your just letting every guy sleep with you your a nasty HOE.