To: Michael W

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Dear Michael W,Your karma stinks because you don’t consider your wife’s feelings when you choose to do things to relax.

To: Victoria

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Dear Victoria,Your karma stinks because your a cheeter and you should tell your bf b4 I do.


To: Annette

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Dear Annette,I think you are my moms nurse and you were real nice to her. I would like to return the karma and take you to dinner and entertain you for a night or weekend. I hope you are single since you don’t have a ring on. I will mail again soon.

To: David W

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Dear David W,Your karma stinks because you’re a lying, manipulating, catfish. Praying on broken women like me.

To: Erin

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Dear Erin,Your karma doesn’t stink because you are a beautiful person inside and out. You opened my eyes to what it truly meant to love someone. I want you to know that I know I made mistakes, I truly am sorry beyond belief. I will always have you in my heart till it stops beating. You are a very special woman I hope you get everything you’ve always dreamed of. You worked so hard to overcome many obstacles in your life, I can only wish I could be a part of your future. I will always be there for you, beautiful.

To: Adam

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Dear Adam,Your karma stinks. I told you I’d be coming around! You’re going to get what you give. Are you ready for that?

To: Aaron

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Dear Aaron,Your karma doesn’t stink because you are a remarkable human being. I am so jealous of your girlfriend.


To: Shannon S

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Dear Shannon S,Your karma stinks because you never got real and did the right thing.


To: Paul

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Dear Paul,Your karma stinks because you are a very obnoxious person. Go to HELL.


To: Michael R

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Dear Michael R,Your karma doesn’t stink because you are transforming into a spiritual person!


To: Randy L

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Dear Randy L,Your karma stinks because you are the follower in your relationship and have left your lifetime friends in the dust. You need to learn to be the leader.

To: Pace

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Dear Pace,Your karma stinks because you believe a bitch that says the baby is yours. Stupid. You can’t take care of your own.

To: Leroy

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Dear Leroy,Your karma stinks because you suck and can’t be faithful, you spend all day with me then still manage to go on another date with someone in the same day. You speak to women like they are nothing. You have a good women who does everything in the world for you but you treat me as if I don’t matter. You say love but you really don’t mean it because you still cheat with other women.

To: AJ

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Dear AJ,Your karma stinks because you’re always getting angry with your wife when she only loves you and wants the best for you and your child. You lie to her and sneak around. You should be more appreciative of all the things she does for you.

To: Fil

karmadminKarmic Event: 12496 / Jasper, IN    1 Comment

Dear Fil,Your karma stinks because you stink. Maintain discipline and follow protocol.

Loving and
Open with